And yet what has to be borne by anyone who takes care to keep his body in good condition is far lighter and far pleasanter than those things subjected to the out of shape person.
— Socrates
  • Body Composition Transformation

  • Muscle + Strength Gain, Fat Loss

  • Physique-Focused Fitness

  • Flexibility Training

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Nutritional Coaching


Anka trains and empowers badass individuals
– just like you – to get healthier and stronger, build muscle, achieve more, and feel really darn good about themselves.

Anka has been part of the fitness world her entire life, first as a competitive gymnast and speed skater in her native Germany, then as a U.S. based martial artist, bodybuilder, blogger and certified fitness trainer. Her ethos is simple – no quick fixes or deprivation, just a balanced program designed to improve your (fitness) life and take the frustration out of training. Her holistic approach blends strength training, nutrition coaching, and lifestyle adjustments to build a stronger and fitter you, take your confidence to the next level, and empower you to become the most awesome version of yourself.

Anka is a fierce advocate of body positivity, especially for women. She believes that everyone is beautiful, just the way they are. Her training isn’t about comparing our bodies to others or fearing their judgment. It’s about taking the reins and challenging ourselves to discover all the incredible things our bodies can do. It’s about being confident and fearless, shooting above obtainable and standing tall.

Most importantly, she empowers her clients to maintain those results long term. FITNESS IS FOREVER, and Anka makes sure everyone has the tools they need to successfully reach and surpass their goals in all areas of life.

When Anka is not training, she’s taking her sweet pup, Milo, for a hike or run at Ocean Beach, tackling an ambitious DIY home project, treating herself to a delicious burger or satisfies her sweet tooth with a chocolate macaroon. (Hey, it’s all about moderation.)


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer


  • Bulgarian Bag | Instructor

  • TRX Foundation Course

  • Strong First Kettlebell Course

  • Lower Body Corrective Exercise

  • Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex | Basic, Mentor: Dr. Jose Palomar

  • Competitively trained in gymnastics | speed skating in Germany

  • 8 years Karate (Shorin Ryu)

  • Bodybuilding competitions | Figure division:

    • 2011 Fresno - 5th place Classic Championship & 2nd place Open Figure Contra Costa Championship

    • 2013 - 2nd place Contra Costa Championship Open Figure, 2nd place Masters Figure, 1st place San Jose Championship Open Figure, 1st place Masters Figure

    • 2014 - 2nd place Sacramento Championship Open Figure, 3rd place Masters Figure

    • 2015 - 1st place Los Angeles Championship Unlimited Figure, 1st place Masters Figure, Unlimited Figure Overall Champion


Mentally, working with Anka has really taught me to be patient with myself, but still demand that I push myself as hard as I can and still have fun doing it. Most importantly, she’s helped me gain a new sense of confidence and empowerment. On a session to session basis, I almost always walk away from each session having learned something new. Without a doubt, being able to train with her is often the highlight of my week!
— Lily C
I have had the opportunity to workout with Anka and I can’t recommend her enough. Anka is incredibly knowledgeable and highly driven. She is force of nature; the breadth of her experience and knowledge took my workout to a whole new level. She showed me a back and chest workout that had me begging for surcease, and at the end I was totally exhausted but excited to get back in the gym and do it again. If you have the opportunity to train with her take it! She is supportive and fun to spend time with, all the while pushing you to excel. Thank you Anka for taking the time and energy to train me it was so fun and enlightening. I really appreciate it!
Anka is extremely knowledgeable in how a female’s body works and how it responds to strength training and nutrition. She has been over communicative in telling me the changes I should expect and the feelings that come along with those. My body has definitely changed with Anka and it’s the FIRST time I’ve ever felt changes in my body in such a major way. Getting fit and maintaining consistent eating is not easy, but with Anka’s expertise and guidance, real change is possible.
— Erin A