• Transformation - fat loss/muscle gain
  • Nutrition
  • Bodybuilding
  • Flexibility
  • Bodyweight Movement


Born and raised in Germany, Anka spent her early years as a competitive gymnast and speed skater where she learned her love for sport, movement and fitness, flourishing into the competitor and trainer that she is today.

Anka is highly skilled in transforming clients using the knowledge she has acquired on nutrition and bodybuilding.  Her goal is to educate clients on eating healthy and how to utilize strength training to maximize results so they can thrive long after they professionally train.

Anka was influenced by a culture that praises hard work and dedication above all.  Her life in Germany taught her to be strong and independent while her 15 years in the Bay Area have taught her to be more in tune with body, mind and soul; giving her an appreciation of the importance of all of these attributes to a health lifestyle. Anka loves nothing more than helping people discover their strength and revels in the joy of watching as they realize their potential.  Whether it is preparing for a bodybuilding competition or developing a personalized training and nutrition regimen for a client, Anka takes every challenge she faces with the same vigor.


I believe that hard work inside AND outside of the gym are vital to a lifestyle change for the better. Optimal health requires a combination of exercise and healthy eating. For this reason, I want to empower clients not only with the knowledge to strengthen their body through exercise, but also with nutritional information that can help guide them through their days.


I have been training with Anka for over 6 month now and I am hooked, she is absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to her clients and their needs. And, to top it all off, she is just really cool and a lot of fun to be around. I love my sessions with Anka and they are the highlight of my week. Her support and guidance has led me to live a much more active and healthy lifestyle and has helped turn working out from a boring chore to a fun challenge and I love it, I recommend her to anyone and everyone!
I have had the opportunity to workout with Anka and I can’t recommend her enough. Anka is incredibly knowledgeable and highly driven. She is force of nature; the breadth of her experience and knowledge took my workout to a whole new level. She showed me a back and chest workout that had me begging for surcease, and at the end I was totally exhausted but excited to get back in the gym and do it again. If you have the opportunity to train with her take it! She is supportive and fun to spend time with, all the while pushing you to excel. Thank you Anka for taking the time and energy to train me it was so fun and enlightening. I really appreciate it!
I’ve been training with Anka for a while now and she has been amazing. I wanted to slim down and tone up my 40 year old self and she has been an incredible partner and trainer. She has a holistic approach to health, which I really appreciate. It’s not just about pumping iron and exhausting yourself. She has me focused on being more active in my day-to-day life and paying closer attention to what I eat. She’s provided a lot of food guidance and has done it in small phases. She’s also been great at modifying the workouts that we do based on my energy level and strength. My attitude towards life is changing and I’m so much happier for it. Looking forward to more time with her in the gym!