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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
— Benjamin Franklin

Ex-Professional soccer player, Barry, grew up in Ireland competing in a variety of sports; rugby, tennis, golf and Gaelic football. His passion was found in soccer and he went on to sign his first professional contract aged 17. His on-field playing career, often against more athletic and experienced athletes, gave him a huge appreciation and understanding of what it takes to be successful at the top level. 

He coupled this understanding and experience with a degree in Exercise Science. His time off from playing was spent in the classroom and research lab learning from the best in the world of exercise science and human performance. He was involved in numerous innovative studies and also gained valuable experience working with other Professionals and Olympic level athletes. This background set him up to begin carving a path as a Performance coach.

Soccer took him to the States, and he earned a M.Sc. in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. In 2016, he started his Athlete Development business in San Francisco, working with many top level youth athletes in the Bay Area. His goal is to help youths develop the athletic skills needed to play at a high level. Currently he holds the role as Director of Athletic Development for SF's top youth soccer club, tasked with the athletic development of over 250 ambitious youth athletes, through 15 teams.

His sporting and science driven background produce structured and challenging workouts for all of his clients. Barry uses proven approaches to get the most out of every one of his athletes, enhancing movement efficiency and improving function. Whether you're training to compete on the field or in life, Barry believes every one is an athlete in their own right.


  • B.Sc. Health & Performance Science at the University College Dublin 2013
  • M.Sc. Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention at California University of Pennsylvania, 2015
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist


The latest training methods and sciences behind human performance shouldn’t be just reserved for Olympians and Professional athletes; everyone is an athlete in their own right, and deserves the best practice available to help them achieve their goal.


Barry’s programs and dedicated attention to detail has allowed me to compete at the NCAA Level. The strength and speed I gained through his coaching were essential to winning a starting spot as a Freshmen this season in a team full of players much older and experienced then me. The injury prevention and movement stuff thats included in the training has helped me stay entirely injury free throughout a brutal season of 2 to 3 games per week.
Moving into the off-season, Barry has given me an understanding of the skills and movements I need to keep competing at a high level. This program is essential for athletes looking to compete at the physically demanding level of NCAA College Soccer.
— S.B.
Barry is full of knowledge and always has an edge on the latest methods and approaches in helping me getting the most out of myself and my body. I have progressed my strength so much after I got my movement and patterns down and Barry was always creative and clever when it came to teaching something new. I always enjoy his workouts, his approach has allowed to compete at a higher level than I ever imagined I could.
— D.F.
I’ve been training with Barry for about a year now and it’s significantly improved my game. I play on high school and club soccer teams and am always looking to get better. His injury prevention program has helped me stay healthy while I played soccer 6 days a week. With Barry’s help, I’ve added more speed, strength, and power to my game, and it’s noticeable on the field.
— W.R.