This quarter, we proudly feature the art of Jenny Phillips. Jenny has been painting and print making for 30 years. She uses paper, wax, watercolor, oil, graphite and other media to explore the interplay between line-work, surface, and texture. Influenced by shapes and patterns found in nature, she creates subtle and meditative artworks, focusing on the evocation of mood rather than the depiction of form. She strives for an austere beauty, achieved through the use of a restrained vocabulary. 

"My work centers on feeling, rather than ideology. I am drawn to quietness, subtlety and understatement. I want to evoke the mood and luminosity that coastal light and organic form inspire, seeking a balance between simplicity and a rich sensory quality."

DIAKADI thanks Jenny for letting us showcase her art. It is minimal, yet powerful. Exquisite, thought-provoking and most definitely inspiring. We dig it. And we know you will too. Golf claps all around.