Looking to get a little outdoor activity in after being cooped up at work or inside the gym all week? As the weather gets a little warmer and the summer months creep up, what better way to work up a sweat and burn calories than taking an amazing hike?  Explore the incredible outdoors of the Bay Area with these out of this world San Francisco trails recommended by our DIAKADI trainers.

DIAKADI trainer ANGELA TIERI recommends


This preserve is the largest link (639 acres!) in a chain of preserves that follow the “Northridge” of Mount Tamalpais as it sweeps down between the communities of Mill Valley and Corte Madera. During the winter you can come across small waterfalls, sweet-smelling blossoms dangling from manzanita shrubs, and long views through the clear weather. 

Moderate -- 6.6 mile loop -- 1300 ft. elevation change

Take Old Railroad Grade fireroad all the way up to the road to get some killer views of the city. From there take a right up Temelpa trail, then another right onto Hoo Koo E Koo trail. You’ll then turn right onto Blithedale Ridge heading back down. A right on Hi Line will bring you back to the start. There’s about 1000 feet of climbing, all in the first half. But the trails are mostly fireroads (easy footing). You’ll get amazing views of the city and surrounding hills, redwoods, and waterfalls! There are plenty of options to make the hike longer if wanted. The best part is that you won’t find many people!

DIAKADI trainer ZACH SCIOLI  recommends

INDIAN TREE TRAIL open space preserve, novato ca

Located in west Novato, at the end of a quiet neighborhood on Vineyard road, this is a hike for tree lovers, as the trails ascend through dense groves of oak, bay and madrone, rewarding you with a lush redwood forest at the top of the mountain. This hike includes wonderful shade, cool temperatures and fog that brushes over the mountain tops, making it a delight for the dogs and perfect hiking weather for humans.

Moderate -- 5.5 mile loop -- 1200 ft. elevation change

I used to hike this trail growing up, few know about it. It’s about 40 minutes from San Francisco in Marin and dog friendly too which is rare in Marin.

DIAKADI trainer JOE ANDREWS recommends


Cataract Creek Trail is your perfect vacation day in the woods. The creek's waterfalls provide a spectacular anchor for a 7-mile loop through the scenic lands of the Mount Tamalpais Watershed. You could just hike a mile and a quarter to the top of the Cataract Creek Trail and return, but if you're going to drive this deep into the Marin County backcountry, you may as well get a few hours of hiking in. The loop includes scenic vistas stretching to the Pacific Ocean, narrow single-track into the wooded hillsides into forests of young redwood and Douglas fir. This is definitely one of the best of Marin County's 500 miles of trails.

Moderate -- 7.7 mile out and back -- 1100 ft. climb

This Marin County hike is a scenic, fun, and basic hike with some amazing waterfalls. Grab a group of friends and enjoy the views. 

DIAKADI trainer ALEX ROBINSON recommends


The Twin Lakes Trail is fairly strenuous, but the best views come from the hardest climbs, right? You'll be able to see the beautiful Wrights Lakes in El Dorado County, streams that flow into them, open meadows, and high mountain peaks. 

Moderate -- 2.5 miles one way to Twin Lakes -- 1300 ft. elevation change

On a hot day there are several spots along the stream to take a nice cooling plunge. Once you get to the first twin lake which is amazing, have a snack but then head out towards the second lake. Catching the trail to the second lake was a bit tricky. To find it, simply stay left (but close) to the first lake and you can’t miss it. As you head towards the second lake, don’t be fooled when the path takes you to a little beautiful lake on the path called boomerang lake - keep going and the second Island Lake is another quarter mile or so up a little hill.

For the more adventurous you can go off trail at Island Lake and head up the western slope and down to Gertrude lake (about a mile from island lake) for a little more solitude. A smaller lake with stunning views. From here you can double back to Island Lake or do a loop back to Wrights Lake.

Desolation wilderness is a great location for people who like the feeling of the high sierra but don’t want to hike twenty miles to get there.

**FOR THOSE adventurous bay area-ers LOOKING TO TAKE A ROAD TRIP UP NORTH**

DIAKADI trainer DUSTIN EASTMENT recommends

PUNCHBOWL FALLS HIKE, Multnomah County oregon

Photo taken by: Dustin Eastment

Photo taken by: Dustin Eastment

The years have carved a deep, bowl-shaped pool at the base of the falls, creating a cathedralesque, circular basin, giving this mesmerizing trail the name, "Punchbowl Falls". During summer months, it's a popular swimming hole spot for adults and kids to cool off. Get here early on summer weekdays or in the off season so you and your pup can have some sweet and serene solitude. 

Easy -- 3.4 miles -- 109 ft elevation change

The Punchbowl Falls hike is one of the most beautiful hikes in Colombia River Gorge. An easy 3-4 miles out-and-back with waterfalls, cliffs, and views that resemble scenes from Lord of the Rings. It’s a popular spot so arrive early to avoid the crowds.

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