The DIAKADI gallery is excited to house the beautiful photography of local artist, Chandler Lee. This local artist and relative to one of our very own clients has filled the gym with his breathtaking pictures taken from around the globe. We find his images to be intriguing, visually stimulating and a distinction from other artwork. We hope you do too. DIAKADI welcomes our new gallery artist, Chandler Lee.

Chandler Lee is a photographer living in Noe Valley who is fascinated by patterns on land and water, both natural and man made. He is intrigued by geographic formations that suggest other worldly designs. He believes that images of the world should be captured and displayed without the use of special equipment or software. As a result, he rarely crop or enhance his images.

I hope that you find my landscapes, waterscapes, urban designs and abstractions visually appealing, thought provoking and a departure from other peoples work.
— Chandler Lee
Chandler Lee Headshot .png

Click the links below to check out Chandler Lee's website and Facebook for more stunning photographs and greeting cards.