Danny Camozzo

I am a travel/outdoors photographer who currently resides in Berkeley, CA. Growing up in Herndon, Virginia, I spent much of my time outdoors exploring the woods and rivers surrounding my neighborhood and developed a love of adventure, nature, and exploration from a young age.

My interest in photography started when I received my first camera as a gift from grandparents just before a trip to Europe. From there, I sporadically picked up and put the camera down through the years until 2015, when my family took a trip to Hawaii and I was overwhelmed by the colors and sights. I discovered that one of my passions is capturing and sharing the world as I see it in my mind.

Since then, I’ve spent nearly every weekend shooting all up and down the West Coast, mainly focusing on sharing landscapes and nature photography. My goal with this is pretty simple: to inspire people to get outside, appreciate their surroundings, and help to preserve them.