DIAKADI Gallery Artist:
Derek Hanneman

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Derek Hanneman

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Derek Hanneman is a 28 year old, San Francisco born, raised in The City and Monterey Bay, mixed-media, graphic artist, fashion and graphic designer with roots in street art. Street art/graffiti is a huge inspiration to him and a big part of his creative path up to this point. Derek has been creating art all of his life, having drawn since a very young age. He specializes in pen and ink, but has began working with a variety of other mediums over the years to convey his ideas and concepts.

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Derek’s primary mediums are: illustration - both on paper and digital - spray/acrylic painting and screen-printing.

Derek merges the various artistic mediums he does into his Art Infused, or Grafted Art Clothing and Goods line, ENGRAFFT. Derek has developed his signature art styles, or “Living Styles”, over many years. These include his Tendrils, Wiredrips, Fragments, and Graff-Feeling style. Derek remains passionately creating, exploring infinite possibilities and pushing his art out in various ways all the time, striving to make his mark on the world with his mixed media art.