DIAKADI Gallery Artists:
Nate Tan + Diego Irizarry

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Nate Tan

Nathan 'Nate1' Tan started his 20+ year endeavor as a Hip Hop Graffiti Artist and muralist in San Francisco and Daly City. Today he works with 1AM Gallery where he teaches a Graffiti Art History class and workshops. Nate also owns and designs a hip infant and kids clothing line called New Skool. It is manufactured locally and has been distributed across the US, Japan, Ireland and Hong Kong.

Nate’s art work has been documented in many graffiti art magazines such as the Source, Can Control, One Track Mind and San Francisco Murals. He was interviewed on the graffiti documentary Piece by Piece and in the book The History of American Graffiti as a pioneer of the West Coast graffiti art scene.

In 1996 Nate transferred his street aesthetic and urban art form from the walls to canvas. Nate has had numerous art shows in San Francisco and is a in house artist at Secession Art and Design Gallery. Nate’s artwork themes range from graffiti typography, cartoon spray cans and characters to portraits of urban landscapes. Nate’s goal is to educate people by taking the word graffiti out of its negative context and reinventing it’s meaning in a positive light.

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Their public art show room launched in 2014 where they currently display current artwork and prints. Located at 2309 Noriega Street in San Francisco.

Schedule an appointment viewing by
emailing Nate at nate@nate1design.com or calling 415-902-0490.

Diego Irizarry

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"I started drawing as a child. My Mom worked in kitchen design and all of her friends were artists. She was constantly sketching layouts for kitchens. So I always was surrounded by continuous creativity. My earliest memories are of my Mom taking me to art galleries and exposing me to so much live music. Here I began questioning everything, enjoying every moment as my imagination ran freely.

As a 3rd generation San Francisco native, I have a passion for my community and diverse cultural influences. I was exposed to skateboarding when I was five years old. It gave me freedom, and a deeper connection to my city. Being a part of the streets and observing the dynamics of life in this way gave me a alternative perspective. As a youth I spent a lot of time in skate shops admiring the graphics on the skateboards and stickers. I was always intrigued by the idea that no matter how beautiful my board graphic was, it was going to be scratched up in a matter of hours anyway. Everyday relentlessly body slamming onto chunky concrete streets, my only option to stand back up and continue pushing forward. I approach painting in the same manner.

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From November 2011 to March 2016 I was battling with cancer. My Mom gave me strength every step of the way; I made art every single day. Art is something like a “life raft” that keeps me afloat and grounded in the ever changing cycles of life. When I paint I am able to process all I have seen, heard, learned and questioned throughout my journey on life. Manifesting my experiences into reality I can understand the universe that I come from; carrying my truth to the future with paint."