This is the time of year that all of the local SF Gate BayList voting takes place so we would love your help with the contest! PLEASE help us out again this year by voting for DIAKADI Body under the following categories: Fitness --Best Personal Trainer.

We are always so excited to hear clients and trainers rave about us and this site is the perfect place to do so.  We would love to be voted the Best of San Francisco this year and ask that you please help us out by voting within the next few weeks.

The  site has a fairly simple processes to VOTE:

1) www.sfgate.com/baylist 2) Click the yellow 'Cast Vote' Button directly under our name 3) Register your info 4) Finalize registration from your email account 5) Vote for DIAKADI by clicking the yellow 'Vote' button once more.

Voting has begun and lasts through May 28.

Thank you so much for your support in making DIAKADI Body the BEST personal training facility in San Francisco!

Author: Bernadette Campanella, Referral Director