This post was inspired by our trainer, Cody Fielding, who follows Vern Gambetta, world class track and field coach. At DIAKADI, we strive to be coaches ...

Training or Coaching? By Vern Gambetta

Are you training your athletes or coaching your athletes? There is a clear distinction. Unfortunately today I see much more training than coaching. In another post I plan to address the reasons, meanwhile here are some distinctions between coaching and training as I see them:

Training – focused on the result. Just get it done. Coaching – Focused on the process, how it is done, making sure it is repeatable. Training – Self centered, all about the trainer, the athlete can’t do it without the trainer. Coaching – All about empowering and teaching the athlete. Creating self-sufficiency rather than dependence.

Trainer – Has all the answers. Coaching – Always gathering data from the training, fine-tuning and learning.

Training – Lots of screaming and yelling, "motivating.” Coaching – Purposeful, meaningful feedback and cue’s, communicating and teaching.

Training – Focused on equipment, needs machines and apparatus to train. Coaching- Focused on the athlete and the sport they are preparing for and coach accordingly. Use what is needed and necessary, not bells and whistles.

Training – Scattered, all over the place. Coaching – Focused on the task at hand. No cell phone!

Training – Follows the latest fads, listens to gurus. Coaching – Knows best practice and follows it. Stands on the shoulders of giants. Has a mentor.

I think this gives you the idea. Which are you? Look at yourself and look at your colleagues, if you are a trainer, become a coach. Coaching is much more satisfying and rewarding.

Author: Gina Gutierrez Paul, General Manager