This week my trainer Mike was on vacation. He had asked me if I wanted to start before or after he went on vacation. I said before and that I would work out on my own the 2nd week while he was gone. So he set me up with the DIAKADI website where you can log in and see what exercises you've been doing with your trainer and they have videos of how to do the exercises. Those we're very helpful to watch to be able put an exercise with a name of an exercise, and yet I still did some of them wrong when I got to the gym. Oh well! I got the gist of them. And by the 2nd day I was doing them properly. I did 5 days alternating between the 2 different full workouts he set up for me. And I did a ton of work with the roller. I LOVE that thing! It's like getting a deep tissue massage exactly where you need it at your own pace. You can concentrate on the areas you need most and by the end you're completely relaxed. Mike gave me one of those so I could use it at home. When I don't use it now I feel a very noticeable difference. My balance is definitely better when I've used the roller.

I still haven't met with Manuel, but I will next week. I have to admit, I've been eating things that I know I won't be eating for a while when I start with Manuel. I know that he's all about not cutting things completely out of the diet. He wants to create things that people will stick with. But I doubt I'll feel right eating a plate of nachos or a burrito after I start with him.

Author: Kelley Clements, 2010 Commit to fit winner