Many of us have been wondering when our beloved drink will return and the anticipation is rising! In the midst of this withdraw; people still go to great lengths to get their tea.  Facebook groups and twitter buzz over the tea, and where to find the scarce supply that may still be out there. One determined fan drove 80 miles to stock up on his tea after hearing about it on Facebook.

However, it’s not just us that miss Kombucha. Stores too are grieving over the loss of the highly profitable drink. One store owner is willing to install new equipment to ensure the tea will not ferment, but even an investment as such is risky. For now, most of us are just waiting out the storm, but sunshine is ahead!

The latest update on the Kombucha concerns are reporting that the end is near! Although the exact date cannot be foreseen, the companies are hoping for Kombucha will be back on the shelves in about a month, but what the labels will say, we still don’t know.

Author: CJ Murfey, DIAKADI Intern