I hope that you had an enjoyable weekend. I spent part of the day with my friend Ina. I hung out with her, watched "The United States of Tara," (Toni Collette is amazing!). I've been feeling OK. No major mood swings today. Still feeling a bit at odds with the CPAP machine. Last night I used the humidifier, it made a difference. I'm trying not to focus on tomorrow, (Getting on the scale... creating expectation). I know that I'm not perfect. What do they say, slow and steady wins the race? I look forward to seeing you in the morning. Thanks for reading my emails, 20 days SOBER. Thank you for meeting with me. I had a pretty good day. I've got some homework to do! I wished that I had lost more weight than what I did. I know that I am getting to know my body more, and I have to trust that I am on the right path. I am very excited to be part of this new initiative and opportunity to work with Billy, and I look forward to meeting with him. I'm going to Trader Joe's tomorrow to pick up those bars you showed me today. I thought I would put an apple or other fruit along with some of those pretzels or string cheese. It's fast, and it's clean food.

I had a pretty good day. I ended up working for a friend today,(a couple of hours typing). I made sure that I had packed my lunch and my snack. By doing that I was able to stay on track. I also did a teaching today for a committee meeting at the synagogue. I was terrified, but I didn't need to "eat" something to help deal with the fear. By the way, the teaching went really well. I am feeling good. I am planning to go for a walk tomorrow. I'm still getting used to the CPAP machine. A friend I ran into today said it took her six weeks to get comfortable. I have to give myself a break. I'm too hard on myself.

I felt good today, still on track, and hoping to do some walking between raindrops tomorrow. Trying to keep my eye on the ball, and take it one step at a time. I rested for most of today. I just did not want to get out of bed. I did eat breakfast and lunch. When I did roll out of bed, I got ready to attend a concert at my synagogue. I did some volunteer work at the event. It gave me a chance to reach out to people for support. The concert was amazing. I ate a snack before going. I made a choice to eat only the fresh veggies. (my family would be surprised that I eat snow peas)

Author: Kevin Johnson, 2009 Commit to Fit winner