I had a great day. I thought we had a good meeting. It was a pleasure to meet Billy, another member of the "dream team." He made me feel at ease. I am very excited about the possibilities this will bring for all of us. Thank you for creating this opportunity for me. I am grateful. I had a great training session with Billy. He is pushing me towards finding my own strength. He has been texting me, too. I am excited. I am doing things physically that I never done or thought I could do   before. I have begun to notice changes in my body. I put on a pair of shorts today that I could not fit into months ago. There are times when I just want to stay in bed, but once I get up I make sure to start the day right, and eat breakfast. Having this opportunity to train with Billy is such a blessing. I am so grateful to you and Billy for seeing in me the possibility to become the person I was meant to be. I can't wait for your return from Peru to tell you in person the work I have been doing.

I hope that you had a great day. I was trying to not get wet as I walked near the Castro to meet some friends this afternoon. Did you see the hail? Now I know what they mean when they say "the sky is falling!" I helped my friend Andrew with a project at his place. I picked up some items from Safeway and made a nice salad for lunch. I have been feeling good. With the CPAP machine I am waking up earlier than what I am used to. I am getting used to the machine each day. Thank you for your email this morning. It meant a great deal to me.

Today I helped out my synagogue at the Tenderloin Luncheon serving food in the kitchen. This program, funded by the Jewish Family and Children Services, gives seniors not only a hot lunch but an opportunity to get out and meet other Jewish elders along with the chance for us to serve them. It can be a very rewarding experience. I met afterwards with my friend Alan, who got me started to help at   the luncheons. Emotionally I guess I'm doing OK. Food is going well. I did 30 minutes on a machine today during my cardio workout. I never thought I could do it for that long!

Author: Kevin Johnson, 2009 Commit to fit winner