Since my last email, I've gotten a cold. I've been feeling congested, with a headache, backache, and cough. I did not do much today. Billy was sick as well, so we both took the day off. I am planning to go to the gym on Wednesday to do cardio. I am hopeful that with another day of rest I will be feeling better. I am still on plan with my food. I did not eat anything out of the plan. Today I stayed at home still recovering from this cold. I am feeling better, and hoping that I will be able to get to the gym tomorrow. I have been on plan with my food. I did finally get outside today. I was beginning to get a bit stir crazy, but I am glad that I took care of myself. I've been feeling OK emotionally.

I'm still sick but I did get to the gym today. I'm feeling congested and still have a headache. I can't take aspirin because it interferes with another medication. I did about 30 minutes on the flex machine. It was nice to get out and enjoy the day. I met with my friend Avi today. He has been helping me a lot. I've been sharing with him the issues that come up, especially since I will not be able to meet my therapist until a week from this Thursday. Right now I am very angry. I attended a meeting where most of the people were trying to outsmart the presenter. I hate when people have all the answers. If they do, why do they go? If they are so smart, then why aren't they up there? It was about job search, taught by a recruiter from a local business. I asked him about returning to work. He basically said it would be like pulling teeth from someone who wears dentures. Then I tried calling a friend and he turned his phone off. Very frustrating! And then I found out the rabbinic intern that I met with will be leaving the synagogue at the beginning of the summer. He was the main reason for me to get involved again. Now I don't want to do anything anymore at the synagogue. I am trying to work on a sermon, and I am completely stuck on the central theme. I realize that many people will never hear it because they don't come to the first service of the month. AAAHH! I think I will go to bed and cry for a while.

Author: Kevin Johnson, 2009 Commit to Fit Winner