So I met with Manuel today and I have lost another 2 pounds. That makes a total of 19.6 pounds down. Since things seem to be slowing down a bit he's reduced my calories to 1600 from 1800. He told me that if I need to eat a few more calories to do it, since I'm still losing at 1800. But to try to make it protein, like another ounce of chicken or whatever. I told all this to Mike and he's going to talk to Manuel about whether he should increase my exercise. I hope not! I'm still getting exhausted with what he's got me doing right now and to try and do it on fewer calories has me a bit worried. I'm sure I would get used to it, but I kinda want a week or so to get used to dealing with just 1600 calories before I try to add in more exercise.

I asked Manuel some questions today. I had noticed that in all my computer work at the school my eyes had been getting tired at the beginning of the semester. But that once I increased the number of orange foods I'd been eating, like carrots and yams, the tiredness went away. I wanted to know other good foods for the eyes. He pointed me to his new website, www.nutritionforyou.com and it has nutrition blogs that answer all sorts of questions like that. I read a few and they were very helpful to me. Maybe they will be for you as well.

I also asked him about a day this week that I had exercised more than expected. I took a longer walk than I thought I was taking and ended up burning over 1000 calories that day. As I had understood it before he said that if I went over the 900 calories for the day in exercise that I was putting myself in too much stress and to borrow calories from another day. I asked him today if I had taken the right amount. He said because the exercise was one that I have a great deal of muscle memory for (walking) that it's not the same as trying a spin class or rock climbing or something like that. Those would add a different kind of stress and that's when I should borrow calories. He was happy with what I'd done anyway.

I also asked him about fish tacos. I really love fish tacos and I'm pretty sure that we'll be headed to the Flying Fish Cafe sometime soon, down in Half Moon Bay. I think we'll be berry picking in Pescadero sometime soon and we always like to stop off at the Flying Fish Cafe for a fish taco. I wondered how to gauge the fried fish. He said to make it a medium fat meat rather than the lean meat it is.

That's where I am today. If you have any questions please post them!


Author: Kelley Clements, 2010 Commit to Fit Winner