Hi everyone! This has been a weird week in that I have not had around the foods I prefer to eat, the things that have made the eating plan easy- things like turkey breast or chicken breast. I just ran out and haven't made the time to get to the store (we buy turkey from Costco because we buy so much of it- that's a totally different shopping excursion) and I haven't made the time to cook the chicken breasts. Also, Rhonda and I went wine tasting (something we love to do, but it's a huge calorie punch). I didn't want to feel like I couldn't make the wine tasting work, so we went. We were going to be in the Lodi area to shoot some pictures of a friend's farm and how can you not go wine tasting when you're that close to amazing Zinfandel wineries? How, I ask you?

And on top of that I found some fairly deeply ingrained mental structures that run my choices. Rhonda and I went to the mission neighborhood to grab some quick dinner before her boxing class and my choir rehearsal. I was going to get tacos and she wanted a burrito. She ordered her burrito and then saw a sign for 2 for 1 on the burritos that day and she said I should order one so my dinner would be free. I noticed later that I felt very flustered, didn't want to hold up the line, and suddenly felt very poor. So I ordered a burrito- much more food than I had wanted to order and yet I felt the need to order it. And over the course of the rehearsal I ate the whole thing. I don't know if I actually felt hungry or if I thought I felt hungry because it was there.

And tonight is the Texas Party, a party some friends and I put on every so often. We're all from Texas and get homesick and want to just get together and celebrate the good parts of Texas. So we'll have a chili cook-off and spoonbread, cornbread, tacos, line dancing, a trivia game, and who knows what else. We have a good number of people coming this year and I'm excited for it. But clearly there will be a lot of good food that I will have to control myself around. Bad situation to be in the middle of this week after all the other high calorie situations.

Well, I increased my exercise a bit this week because of the extra calories eaten. I hope I haven't exercised too much. But I've been very conscious lately about trying to spread that exercise over the day to boost the metabolism all day long. I do some weights in the morning, and cardio all over the rest of the day by walking different places, biking places.

I guess in the end all I can do is get myself back on track and see what happens on the scales! I have to go get the foods I need to have around and be prepared like I had been before and just do the things I know work. It's really that simple. I'm not down on myself for this last week. I really wanted to go wine tasting and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Mentally I think that was worth it. So now I get to get back on track.

I hope you're well!

Author: Kelley Clements, Commit to Fit Winner, 2010