In case you haven't heard, DIAKADI is having another OWS starting Oct. 2nd!  Every one will get an individualized self assessment and specific tips to target areas of need for your body.  Along with this participants will also be exposed to great work outs in a gorgeous outdoor in unique San Francisco!  More than just a standard single session boot camp, OWS is designed to help educate individuals into becoming more aware of their bodies and their bodies needs to become more fit, feel better and able to take on new challenges!  Sign up soon to ensure your spot for this great wellness resource! Workouts include core stabilization, total body strengthening, sand resistance training, obstacle course and relay.

Cost for the Outdoor Work out Series is $20 per single session or $70 for the month package.  Workouts on Oct 2 and 16 are at Baker Beach, 10-11am.  Workouts on Oct 9 and 23 are at Presidio Lyon street stairs 10-11am.  Sessions are non refundable once OWS begins and require 1 week cancellation notice to receive refund for single session purchase.

For more information please come visit us at DIAKADI or visit our website.

Example Exercises:

1) Tube Row Alternating:  20 reps each arm/3 sets. With your partner standing on the top of the wall, face your partner and take the handles of the tube and do a row so that your shoulder blades are squeezed together. From here, do alternating rows (complete the row before you start with the other arm).

2) Wall Hip Raises: 20 reps each. Lie flat on your back with your arms extended out from your sides palms up and your feet together up on the wall hip width apart with knees bent.  From here, thrust your hips up as high as you can, using your glutes to push you up.  Do this for 20 reps.  Start with 20 hip lifts up and down without resting on the ground at each rep. Then at end of 20, hold the top position and alternately raise one leg off the ground and "march" with each leg.  Lastly, repeat the hip lifts for a set of 20 reps on each leg using only a single leg to lift the hips up and down.

3) Power Chest Press (Dumbbells): 30 reps, 3sets, chest and core. With your partner standing on the top of the wall, take the handles and face away from your partner. With staggered stance, you will do 30 quick chest presses. Make sure to do these quick and controlled and feel the squeeze in your chest.

4) Lower Ab Work: 15/side, lower back and abdominals.  Lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on floor, lay both palms face down in the curve of your lower back so that your fingers tips meet under your spine directly under you belly button.  Keeping your hands here under your lower back, inhale and pull your lower abs in so that your lower back flattens down against your fingers.  Start with just holding this flexion as you breath for 10-30 secs, Then progress to holding your spine flat against your hand as you slowly lift and lower your heels up and down to tap the floor.

5) Cobra: reps 1-3min hold, Endurance muscles/shoulder blades.  Lie face down, with palms down and thumbs out to sides. Slowly lift your chest and shoulders off the ground with your upper body while your feet, thighs, and lower body are relaxed and NOT flexed on the ground . With your hands rotate your thumbs out and up so that your shoulders externally rotate and your shoulder blades wrap together. Keep your chin in and facing down so that your neck stays in line with your spine. Hold this pose until you can hold it for three minutes without a rest or a form break.

6) Pigeon Stretch: reps 30 sec each leg, hip and glute stretch. Start on all fours and slowly tuck your left knee forward and extend your right leg back. Then pull your left shin under your right leg so that your shin is perpendicular to your body. Then fully extend your right leg straight back as far as you can and come down to your elbows and eventually to your arms extended front. Deep breaths and relax in this position. Do this for both sides.

7) Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch: reps, hold 1 min, full body. From a kneeling position, first squeeze your butt cheeks, then rotate your body towards your front leg and extend your rear arm up overhead as you twist and look up toward the ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds.