I hope that your week is going well. When I got up this morning, I had a very hard time getting motivated to the gym to do cardio. I actually sent a text message to Billy telling him that I was having a hard time getting to the gym today. The thing was, I ended up talking to my friend Chris. He suggested that if I went in and did just one exercise, I would have accomplished more that staying home. It wasn't until about 3:30PM when I got to DIAKADI. With Chris' help, it got me to the gym. The thing was, Billy had left his cell phone in his office. I ran into him as I was getting my heart monitor. The end result, I was on the arc machine for 37 minutes. Not the best workout, but I got to the gym! Tonight was my first Passover seder. I did not have the chocolate matzah dessert I made. I did have fruit salad. Since my friend Alan is a vegan, the dinner had no meat. There was a lasagna dish with spinach made with matzah. (I could not find a similar type of item in the food pantry, so I divided up the ingredients and entered it that way) I do not drink alcohol, so I had two glasses of grape juice. Tomorrow night I will be going to another seder. I will plan on eating something before the meal. I do not know what is on the menu.

I had a good day today. I had my workout with Billy, which went well. Billy noticed today that I could get up from the floor mat today without his help. When I started Billy had to grab my hand in order for me to get up. I then went to another Seder this evening. I ate a snack beforehand, which helped a lot. I ate a little beef brisket (maybe 3 oz.), turkey breast (about 5 oz.), broccoli and matzah stuffing with a teaspoon of brisket gravy. I ate one baked red potato, a radish, and parsley during the beginning of the seder, along with some matzah and charoset (apple, dried fruit and walnut mixture) with horseradish. For dessert, Alan (another friend who lives with his partner Steven) cut up an apple for me! I drank 3 cups of grape juice instead of wine. I told them about my new food program and they seemed genuinely interested. It was a very nice evening. Tomorrow I am taking Andrew out for lunch at Soup Freaks. He eats differently now as well, and I hope that he will enjoy it as much as I have in the past. I hope to get up early tomorrow so that I can do my cardio before I have lunch with Andrew.

I couldn't sleep tonight, and then I remembered that I needed to send you an email. I had a good day. I spent the most of it with my cousin. We ate at his friend's house. It was a potluck. I think I did pretty well. Pretty much the food there was clean. I did have a snack beforehand, which helped. Billy assigned me some homework, but since I did not open my email until later in the day, I will try to get it done tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be another beautiful day. I hope that you are doing well.

I hope that you had a nice weekend. Here is the report for Sunday and Monday: Sunday, April 12th: I went to Walnut Creek today. My friend Andrew wanted to see a bookstore there. I had homework to do that Billy gave me, and after having lunch at a local restaurant, we did the Walking Meditation in Civic Park. The weather was wonderful! Food has been interesting. I've been attending functions and eating out more than what I did last month. It's been a challenge. I think I've made some good choices, and I know that I have some room for improvement. The rest of the day was very relaxing.

Monday, April 13th: Before my day began, I realized that my cell phone has disappeared. I have no idea where it is. I hope that I can find it soon. I did have an early start to my day with a workout with Billy. He really kicked my ass today. I've forgotten to do the stairs when I leave and when I get to my building,(I'm supposed to be climbing three flights... yikes). Then I came home and had one of the Project Open Hand meals, and was off again to therapy. We have begun to talk about my self-image. I know that it will be a continuing conversation. Then I left for the Castro for bridge lessons. My regular bridge partner was not there, so I played with Scott, another student. I'm tired, and planning to go to bed soon.

Author: Kevin Johnson, 2009 Commit to Fit Winner