Whether you want to improve your athletic performance or suffer from pain or injury that limits your ability to function and perform, Movement Lessons can help you discover new possibilities, overcome obstacles, and improve your movement. Movement Lessons are based on the work of Anat Baniel and Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and encourage participants to overcome the habitual constraints that interfere with physical ease. Lessons aim to broaden mobility through a series of gentle, interconnected movements which reorganize the nervous system. Discover * Concrete and effective ways to enhance movement through brain plasticity, the ability of the brain to grow and change throughout life. * Enhance your ease of movement, flexibility, and posture faster and further than any form of conventional exercise. * Learn about your own motor learning processes and thus develop greater control over your body and your life.

Clinic will be heald on Saturdays is in February (Feb 5, 12, 19, 26), from 9am-10am.  Prices are $20 per each session or $70 for the full series.

About Robin P. Zander Movement has always been at the center of Robin’s pursuits and practices. From foundations in distance running, gymnastics, and circus arts he continues to practice ballet, Capoeira, and a variety of other dance forms. At Reed College, Robin designed and directed original research on human motor learning. Robin studied anatomy and physiology as a pre-medical postbaccalaureate at San Francisco State University. Robin carries a certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine and is currently studying the Anat Baniel Method, which is a modern development of the Feldenkrais Method.

Robin has worked with a wide variety of disability and injury, including chronic pain, people recovering from surgery, and many people simply looking to improve their lives. He has had particular success in his work with athletes, dancers, and high performers. He has worked with professional musicians, yoga and Pilates practitioners, triathletes, Olympic skiers, and members of the Marin Dance Theatre, San Francisco Academy of Ballet, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance.