We are proud to announce that Devon Crosby-Helms (head chef at will be providing free food samples and info during select times at DIAKADI. Dates and Times: Tues am (7-9am) March 1st, and Thurs (5-7pm) March 3rd provides a way for one to learn how to cook and manage holistic diets structured to your own personal needs!


Mission Statement Fast Foodie is a San Francisco/Bay Area based personal chef and catering business dedicated to the preparation of holistic, organic, local, natural foods and meals for individuals, households and large groups. Fast Foodie's services are high quality, innovative, organic, natural and flexible. Fast Foodie intends to become a leader in organic, natural personal chef work and dreams of expanding in the future to extensive offerings including weekly meal delivery, gluten free bakery and a community supported kitchen.

Who We Serve Fast Foodie aims to serve a growing population of healthy conscious people who desire to eat healthfully and enjoy delicious meals at home. We believe in making healthy food gourmet food. Fast Foodie is also specifically trained in cooking for those individuals with special needs. This includes special dietary needs such as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan or special health concerns such a cancer, digestive issues and high cholesterol.  Fast Foodie additionally serves athletes and supports their athletics through their nutrition. Today, according to the Department of Labor, the number of private chefs/household cooks is over 9,000 (which is inclusive of both personal chefs and private chefs) and presents a growth of 4,000 positions in a short 15 years. Once seen as a luxury to be enjoyed only by the wealthy, personal chef and catering services are now in increasing demand by many different income levels and types of individuals and groups. Don't think you can afford a person chef bringing you organic and delicious meals? Inquire below and find yourself pleasantly surprised at our affordable rates.

Our Approach Fast Foodie believes in bringing organic, local, seasonal, natural, gourmet foods to individuals, households and large groups. We believe that part of creating amazing dishes is doing so with a positive, holistic approach. Each dish is prepared with you and your individual needs in mind. We believe in flexibility, individuality, innovation, efficiency, generosity of spirit and affordability. Services We Offer: * Personal Chef: In home meal preparation once or twice weekly, preparing a set number of meals at once for the client to consume over the week. This includes menu planning based on your individual/family needs inventory, shopping, meal preparation in your kitchen, packaging meals and providing instructions. Typically I make 4 meals of 2-4 servings (depending on the size of your need!) each per cook date. * Culinary Consults and Individual Instruction: Love to cook but want to better your skills or learn new tricks? Want to gain new confidence in the kitchen. Culinary consults and individual instruction provides one-on-one (or two) mentoring in the kitchen and hands-on training. * Gluten Free Consults: As a gluten intolerant chef and baker, I have learned how to navigate the world of being gluten free. Whether you are recently diagnosed or simply want to learn how to bake better gluten free, I am available to walk you through the basic * Private Chef for dinner parties, cocktail parties and small events: Works in your kitchen to provide a menu according to your desired needs, fresh prepared for the event while the event is happening. * Catering for medium and large events * Culinary Parties and Instruction: The chef will provide instruction and participation on how to create a dish or menu in your home for groups up to 15. These parties are a great way to provide your guests with an interactive experience in the kitchen, learn new cooking, nutrition skills and enjoy a delicious meal under the tutelage of a trained chef. Private instruction available upon request.

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