'Enjoying the Challenge'


Week 2 at DIAKADI was all about the muscles.  Apparently, I have them, they've just been hiding under some "padding."  Who knew?  Not I, until my stretches and exercises made them sore.  But "good" sore!  I went to see "9 to 5: The Musical" in Sacramento on Saturday, and while at lunch with my friends, I blurted out, "Wow, my butt muscles are sore."  It may have seemed like TMI, but boy, was I proud.

During the week, Billy had helped me find some badly-needed balance and symmetry in my stretches and movements.  It felt great.  On Sunday I went for a walk with my best friend and we ended up walking about 2.75 miles, which, due to an achilles tendon injury I had been dealing with for the second half of last year, was the longest I've walked since probably May.  Felt great!

Sticking to my new breakfasts and snacks proved to be easy, because it turns out I like stuff like fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, string cheese, and high-fiber, low-sugar cereals, even though I'd not been previously eating them much.  Egg whites are totally freaky-looking when you scramble them, but they're just as tasty as scrambled eggs with yolks.  So I don't mind saving the cholesterol.  :-)

This week I also started logging all my meals on eatingfree.com.  The food database is comprehensive and the navigation is smooth, so it wasn't a problem.  I'm a mathematical/numbers type, so I actually find a certain satisfaction seeing food turn into numbers.  And not just calories.  Eating Free doesn't seem to be about calories as much as it is hitting your balance with fats, carbs, proteins and getting close to the right number of daily servings of various food groups.  I like how the system clearly shows, for example, when you go over in carbs or under with proteins.  Because then the next day you can try to compensate for the purposes of improving your weekly intake averages.

I might have said it in my last blog entry, but I'll say it again.  Nothing about Eating Free is about deprivation.  When I meet all the food allocations that I am allowed to eat in a day, I am quite satisfied.  Some days it almost seems a struggle to eat that much, but I know it's OK to not hit everything every day.    And except for two days where I totally admit didn't plan very well, I haven't had any ravenous hunger.

This week was about finding balance and rhythm with my new schedule and lifestyle, and I really started to find it.

Author:  Dave McKew