Today I had another pulmonology appointment.  I have asthma, have had it since I was a kid.  And on top of that, I was so heavy that my overnight oxygen levels were dipping to 80% quite a bit.   So I was put on overnight oxygen over a year ago. When I saw the doctor last time he ordered an oximetry test to see how my percentage was since I had lost 40 some odd pounds.  I was significantly improved but was still down in the 80's for about 3 minutes a night total so he wanted to wait to pull me off oxygen till I had another test after losing 50 lbs.  So now that I've lost 61 I'll have another test and we'll see how I do.  He was super excited to see how much I'd lost.

Apparently when you have low blood oxygen it raises your blood pressure in your lungs, thickens part of the heart muscle, and of course is bad for your body in general to just not be getting the oxygen it needs.  So here's hoping that I'm past the point of needing it.

It's time for another Commit to Fit winner to be chosen!  My time is almost up.   So Billy Polson (one of the owners of Diakadi Body, the gym that hosts the winner, and he will also be the trainer for the winner) and I are going to be on a show called 10%, on Comcast/Xfinity this Friday.  It will be broadcast January 31st.  We'll be talking about Commit to Fit and how it's worked for myself and Kevin.  The date for entering the contest has been extended to February 4th now to accommodate the show airing on the 31st.

So if you know someone that would love to win this, tell them to ENTER NOW!  It's an amazing prize.  And, trite as it may sound, I was thinking the other day that my parents gave me life, my doctors saved my life, and these guys who gave me Commit to Fit changed my life.  I really wish that everyone could have what I've been given.  So ENTER, ENTER, ENTER!

Author: Kelley Clements, Commit to Fit winner 2010