DIAKADI Body would like to give a shout out to one of our personal trainers, Nate Miyaki, and his wife, Kalai Diamond, being featured in an interview in Natalie Minh's Lifestyle Magazine.  Both Nate and Kalai are fitness models, and Nate is an accomplished personal trainer and nutritionist while Kalai is an accomplished medical professional.  The article discusses Nate and Kalai's background, how they came to compete as fitness models, and their journey that eventually led them to compete. Kalai has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Psychology with a specialization in Public Policy and currently works at University of California, San Francisco, where she administers a variety of programs and services for students in medical school.

Nate has Bachelor’s and post-baccalaureate degrees in Kinesiology and has various training and nutrition certifications.  He recently is transitioning into fitness writing—writing articles that focus on fitness training, nutrition, and the psychology of training.

Kalai and Nate’s lives have taken some interesting turns—from pro-wrestling to Capoeira to hula dancing-- but it has always led them back to some form of health consciousness, and eventually led them to find each other and help support one another in their pursuit of a healthier and more fit lifestyle.

In addition to being a personal trainer, Nate Miyaki is a Natural Fitness Athlete & Model and winner of 2009 Musclemania America & World Championships.  His wife, Kalai Diamond, competed in 2011 NPC Iron Man Magazine Naturally Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships and came in 3rd Place in Bikini Class C and Bikini Masters.

Because they participate in these activities, the couple needs to devote much time to disciplining both their diet as well as toning their bodies.

Nate warns that people looking to compete in fitness contests, or just to stay in shape in general, don’t take any crazy or extreme measures that ultimately damage your normal bodily functioning and overall health just for the sake of winning a trophy.  He urges them to "use a solid plan backed by science...train hard, eat like a champ, sacrifice, and use a warrior’s discipline to get into the best shape of your life...use an intelligent approach, and don’t take it too far."

Nate takes the scientific approach to fitness very seriously designs his program based on the physiological principles of how the body really loses fat and builds or maintains lean muscle, not just on gym myth or fitness folklore.  Fat loss efficiency is all about using your exercise and dietary programs to positively influence your hormones and metabolism, not simply about calorie burning/calorie counting — that is if you want the results to be permanent and sustainable.

Nate has prepared programs that both he and Kalai follow diligently.  The plans not only get them in shape efficiently but also do so practically.

The basis of Nate and Kalai’s fitness programs is to “compete” with themselves and be the best they can be rather than compare themselves to other people.   Some other key takeaways to staying in shape according to Nate and Kalai include:

(1)  Measure your portions, especially of starchy carbohydrates. You have no idea how much you are overeating until you get out a measuring cup and use it. You will be surprised at how little a ½ cup is on your plate, but how it is just enough to make you satisfied (but not full).

(2) Do something – anything – on a regular basis. If you don’t feel like going to the gym, go anyway. Whatever you do will be better than nothing, and you will always be happier that you went; and

(3) Let go of the notion that you must do 2 hours or more of cardio to lose weight and be lean. You need muscle to be lean, and in order to build muscle you need to weight train.

Perhaps the most significant thing that Kalai and Nate have learned from their experience as fitness models is the importance of mental fortitude when you are dieting. Our bodies can adapt fairly easily to the changes in caloric intake, but it’s how you deal with the mental and psychological challenges – even those posed by physical hunger and discomfort – that ultimately drives your success.

Learn more about Nate Miyaki and Kalai Diamond at www.natemiyaki.com and by following his blog.