The body fat test revealed that 38 pounds (or approximately 90%) of my 42.3 pounds of weight loss was fat. It's strange to imagine that volume-wise after seeing this model of 5 pounds of fat, I don't necessarily feel THAT much smaller, but of course the fat comes off from all areas of the body, it's not like I had the equivalent of 7.5 of these big masses on my belly four months ago. I posted this photo on Facebook and some of my friends thought it was disturbing that I was cradling the fat like it was a baby.  "Do you have to cuddle the discarded fat?" asked my friend Rachel.  "Don't you think you should be looking at it menacingly or kicking it across the floor or something?"  Having realized I missed this fantastic photo opportunity that she suggested, my only reply was "My relationship with fat?  It's complicated."

You may have read in my Week 7 or Week 13 blogs that I have chosen my friend and co-worker Lilei as my "fitness model" to represent the 100 pounds I want to lose by 3/1/2012.  Well, here is the updated diagram representing how much Lilei I have lost.  I hope to hit the half-Lilei mark by the end of July or the first week of August.