Trainer Name: Catherine Florendo AREAS OF SPECIALTY

  1. Core and abdominal conditioning
  2. Energy Production System training
  3.  Piloxing (combo of Pilates and kickboxing)
  4. Cross-Training
  5.  Coordination and flexibility
  6.  Overall  body conditioning: weight loss, sculpting and defining, increased strength


Catherine received her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from Sacramento State University and is a nationally recognized Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She is also a member of IDEA Health & Fitness association, a well respected organization within the fitness industry and is CPR/AED certified.

Catherine has spent all her life involved in athletics and has developed a profound understanding of body mechanics.  "I believe that movement is a cure for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." Growing up she was competitively involved in sports.  From being the M.V.P. of her basketball team to competing in Smoker Muay Thai events, she has accelerated in every physical aspect in life.  "I always felt that my greatest asset was my physical ability, but my mental ability is what helped me persevere".  She decided to pursue her professional career in fitness 6 years ago in New York City while going to school for her DPT degree at NYU. During this time she discovered her passion in helping others reach their fitness goals.  "It's extremely fulfilling to see improvement in ones bodily function."   Today she is an avid runner and participated in her first triathlon last year, as well as several marathons.  "I believe that fitness is the way of life."