Trainer Name: Mike Jigalin AREA OF SPECIALTY:

  1. Body Fat and Weight Loss
  2. Sport Specific Training (soccer, cycling, volleyball, ski/snowboard, running)
  3. Functional Core Training
  4. Cardiovascular, Muscular Strength and Endurance, Flexibility


A Bay Area native (Marin County), Mike has had a passion for fitness and athletics since a young age from soccer to swimming.  Mike's appreciation and involvement in athletics and fitness, partnered with the abundance of knowledge and experience he possesses, allows him to continually educate his clients in positive health benefits, achieving fitness success and how to achieve personal goals in not only fitness but overall lifestyle.

Mike's style of training sets his clients up for success.  Using unique and creative ways of exercise he will simulate your functional everyday movement while building your core strength.  Mike relates specific skills from sport and activity to get you results fast.  He will design an individualized exercise program fit to your specific physical and mental needs while targeting your overall fitness and nutritional goals.

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