Trainer Name: Josh Moberg AREAS OF SPECIALTY

  1. Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning
  2. Endurance Training (Triathlon, Ultra Marathons, Cycling)
  3. Body Composition
  4. Weight Management Programs
  5. Nutrition Counseling


Josh has been working as a personal trainer since 2003 both in large and privately owned gyms.  He has been active in sports his entire life and is nationally certified through the National Council of Strength and Fitness.  He holds a level 3 USA cycling certification plus WFA and CPR certified.  He completed his B.S. in Dietetics in 2005, which covers all aspects of nutrition, including specialized areas such as diabetes, pregnancy, sports performance, body image, weight loss, weight gain, and eating disorders.

Josh has always been very active and he understands what it takes to achieve a healthy balance between work, nutrition, exercise, and personal time.  He is keenly aware that nutrition is the primary key to weight management, sports performance, and body composition, and hand-in-hand with nutrition is the right exercise program.  He designs programs that best fit clients’ needs and time, and provides the experience, education, and one-on-one support to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals