DIAKADI will now be offering massage therapy with Joel Banuelos! Joel is a certified massage therapist in San Francisco and Advanced Myofascial Techniques Practitioner through Advanced Trainings Worldwide.  His journey into massage and bodywork began while studying behavioral physiology at the University of California, Berkeley.  After completing his Bachelors Degree in Psychology, he moved to Santa Fe, NM to learn the skills necessary to practice in the world of the healing arts and help others live their lives free from pain and dysfunction.

While massage therapy is at the root of his practice, Joel draws from a variety of healing traditions to help his clients improve function and release patterns of strain.  Over the last 8 years he has traveled the country in order to learn effective bodywork skills from certified Rolfers, physical therapists, osteopaths,  naturopaths and movement educators.  And in this time he has also instructed courses in anatomy, physiology, sports massage and myofascial release.  He works with a varied client population that includes professional and amateur athletes, post-surgical patients, repetitive stress and overuse sufferers, acute and chronic pain conditions and those that simply would like to feel better in their bodies.  His sessions are multifaceted, informed and conducted in a manner that is to the benefit of each of  the clients that works with him. "We all are subjected to a variety of stressors that have the potential to affect us on many levels. Life's events have the capacity to create imbalance and dis-ease; regardless of the source of this imbalance it will express itself in our physical bodies as aberrations of form and function.  My work is focused on recognizing these physical manifestations of imbalance and releasing the restrictions that contribute to functional limitation. It is my goal to help facilitate you in your path toward becoming a more effective and functional human being that moves with freedom and ease."