Author | Jator Pierre, DIAKADI Trainer Posture is quite an important topic, it is however much more complicated than we are lead to believe.  A great starting point to address posture is looking at it mechanically by performing an in depth assessment, then prescribing specific corrective stretches, mobilizations, and exercises to address any imbalance or dysfunction in the body.

Why is this merely a starting point?  I believe human beings are much more than muscles, tendons, joints, organs, glands and skeletal structure.   When we walk into the doors of DIAKADI how many of us truly leave behind our emotional, mental, and or spiritual stressors? Is it a possibility that these stressors can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of our workout programs?  I believe it is a possibility.

Over the next few months I will discuss the WE Approach to posture.  We will look into the importance of postural alignment, different forces at work which create certain postures, and possible unseen forces that influence posture.

These blogs are not to say that the WE Approach is best or that there are no other ways to address these issues.  This will simply be a sharing of what I have learned over the past twelve years studying myself.