With the new "Train Smart, Kick Ass" shirts, the 2008 edition are on sale!


There comes a time in every company’s life when a change is necessary. Most recently DIAKADI has undergone some branding changes and with it came these new awesome shirt designs. With “Train Smart, Kick Ass” on the upper left hand side, and "DIAKADI" in bold on the back, you will be sure to make it clear that you are serious about kicking some major ass in the gym and looking good doing it.

                       The New: Our new “train smart kick ass” shirts truly are kick ass. These great American Apparel 50/50 shirts, with a form fitting design, allow you to show off all your hard work in the gym. With a variety or shirt and print colors you will be sure to find the right fit for you or those close to you.  Get one today for $25.00!







The Old: Our old 2008 edition American Apparel shirts are going on sale for $15.00! Don’t pass up this opportunity to rock these cool shirts and show off your pride to be a part of DIAKADI.