Commit to Fit | Week 33

Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave McKew

One of the great things about almost dying (see my Week 31 blog) is that you end up getting a lot of medical tests done, which is great when you're hungry for your personal medical data because you're losing weight and you want to watch the numbers improve.  Recently my bloodwork revealed that my total cholesterol is down another 17 points, after previously decreasing 41 points a few months ago.  While this is obviously good news, my blood work also revealed slightly elevated VLDL cholesterol and triglycerides (despite the overall decrease in "total cholesterol") and a declining level of HDL (or "good") cholesterol.

I brought this news to Sarah at Eating Free and she's been working with me on trying to raise my HDL number first.  She gave me plenty of options and let me decide which ones would fit in best to my lifestyle.  I chose to take fish oil supplements, re-introduce flax seed meal into my breakfasts, and start using a particular heart-healthy butter spread.  I suppose when I get my cholesterol tested in a few months we'll see how that goes!

I've lost something like 13 pounds in the last two weeks.  Currently, my total weight loss stands at 84.9 pounds, which averages out to over 2.6 pounds per week for 32 weeks.

Here is the update of the increasingly popular Lilei diagram.  (For those who missed this in my previous blogs, Lilei is a 100 pound co-worker of mine who's agreed to be my "fitness model" to represent the 100 pounds I wanted to lose during my Commit To Fit year.)


I don't want to jinx anything, but with my Commit To Fit year ending March 1st, it's looking like I might lose closer to 110-120 pounds by then.  We'll see.

In other news, I'm trying to do more walking before the rainy season starts.  (I'm a New Englander, I refuse to use the word "winter" to describe the weather in San Francisco).  I've pledged to walk home from work, and walk home from the gym, at least once per week.  Plus I'm trying to do more city hikes on weekends.  Below are two photos of me (lookin' pretty lean!) from Levi's Plaza, just before I climbed the Filbert Steps on Telegraph Hill last

weekend.  (I would have included the photos from the top of the hill, but I was too sweaty.)  My friends Angie and Jason and I climbed about 525 steps that day, this includes the steps at the base, and at the top, of Coit Tower.