DIAKADI is proud to introduce our new monthly blog piece written by Psoas staff created to give you new and great information about how to stay at your peak and kick ass doing it. _________________________________

 Psoas Massage + Bodywork provides the finest quality massage and bodywork in San Francisco to those suffering from acute and chronic soft tissue injuries, athletes intent on enhancing their performance and people seeking to diminish bodily discomfort, pain and stress. Psoas loves what they do and are in the business to help people feel better.  It has been rewarding for them to create a clinic where they can help people heal with massage and bodywork, and collaborate with other health and medical professionals to reach their mutual client/patient goals.

Their team of 14 Clinical, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage specialists is highly trained and experienced working with professional, Olympic and amateur athletes—like runners, triathletes, dancers, cyclists, as well as clients with more clinical situations beyond what the average massage therapist can deal with. Their therapists are incredibly well-versed in dealing with conditions such as muscle spasms, tendonitis/tendinosis, frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome, and plantar fasciitis. They also work with individuals who have endured injuries like sprains and strains, and those who have thoracic outlet syndrome, or repetitive stress syndromes.

What makes Psoas unique? Psoas is not a spa. They have professional therapists who will evaluate your situation and then offer a treatment plan based on your unique needs, goals, and requirements. At Psoas, they customize everything. All Psoas treatments are uniquely designed for you, even if you’re a Psoas regular. If you come to Psoas for 20 treatments, no two of them will be identical. At Psoas, they educate. As part of your session, your therapist will teach you specific stretches, strengthening exercises, or other at-home techniques that will help you address your issues. And they will always take the time to share their findings and explain the biomechanics behind your problems. At Psoas, they want to partner with you. They get to know your unique body and its particular issues, and will use that knowledge to help you prevent injury, live pain free, boost your athletic performance, or just experience more comfort in your body now and in the future.

And as a welcome to Psoas, they would like to offer all DIAKADI Members a 10% discount off of your first session at our studio. Give them a call to learn more about their therapists and to schedule your session.

Psoas Phone:  415.227.0331

Psoas Website: Psoas Massage+Bodywork