Ashley McCumber recently passed his 1 year anniversary of working out at DIAKADI and using the Eating Free online tracking program and he has lost 83 lbs to date. Billy Polson and Ashley work out together 2 days a week and then Ashley does 2 strength homework workouts on his own at Gold's gym, plus 2 interval cardio sessions a week.

Ashley has been diligent with documenting his food daily on the Eating Free website to make sure his calories stay in line with his goals.  You can tell by simply looking at Ashley's before and after pictures that he has made a huge physical change and has been dedicated to keeping his fitness a priority. The part that you can not see is that he has also made incredible mental and spiritual changes as well in his daily outlook and energy. Congratulations Ashley and keep on kicking ass!

'Ashley's ability to lose an average of 1.5 lbs a week is due to: (1) his faithful commitment to himself this year and (2) his consistent focus on his goals. His weight loss of 83 lbs in one year's time is incredibly exciting. But even more amazing than Ashley's weight loss are the ways his life has been transformed over the past year. He has a glow and spirit about him now that was buried deep down inside a year ago. About 6 months into our work together, Ashley came in and while talking about his previous weekend burst out into laughter. It was the first time I had actually seen him laugh out loud. That is when I knew there was a much deeper and more powerful positive change happening in his life. Ashley I thank you for your trust, your patience in the process and for opening up your heart up to me my friend. I am extremely proud of you and inspired by your commitment to improving your life in every way." - Billy Polson