Trainer Name: Aaron Dence Aaron works with all types of people, from beginners to athletes, and especially with those committed to improving their lives on the outside as well as within.

Aaron Dence has been involved in sports and fitness all his life.  At an early age he was introduced to weight training and participated on many different athletic teams in high school and college.  He has a wide range of experiences in sports, from swimming and running to lacrosse and beach volleyball.  His main passion has always been training and staying in-shape.


  1. Beginner and Intermediate training
  2. Corrective and functional exercise
  3. Pilates, Flexibility and Balance
  4. Crossfit and bootcamp style training
  5. Muscle and Strength Gain


Aaron’s main goal is to look at his clients as a whole – not only from a fitness perspective but also to look at what they are eating and what’s really going on in their lives. Drawing from his own experiences and on-going education, he gives each client jam-packed and fun work-outs, plus support and guidance to become successful in every way!


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