Our friends from East West Healing are hosting a teleconference that will teach you about your metabloism. Through this conference you will find out what makes it rev, and what makes it stutter. You have a choice to be healthy by what you choose to put into your body. Not all food is the same, not all food functions the same in your body and interestingly enough...there are a lot of foods that you may be currently eating that are not even meant for human consumption! Sign up now in order to "understand your metabolism to heal your health!"

The Metabolic Blueprint is designed to help you better understand what tools your body needs to be healthy!


  • April 12th and 26th
  • May 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th
  • June 14th, 21st and 28th

Time: 5pm

Cost: $497 if bought before March 16th. $697 after March 16th.

This program is Non-Refundable.

This program is a teleconference. To reach East West Healing call 760.597.9727.


Here is an insight into some of what you will be learning!

First and foremost, you will be learning about YOU! We will explore, in detail, the function, dysfunction and the interrelationships of the very organs that make us tick! 

Learn about the influence of blood sugar dysregulation on all the organs of the body, your current ability to process energy in an efficient manner and how any alteration in this process can lead to disease processes in the body 

  • Learn about what we call "Power Foods" and release all the confusion about what is good for you and what is bad for you. Again...understanding the different properties of foods provides you the power in making better choices around what you put in your body!
  • Learn how to use your food as supplementation! People are spending thousands of dollars on supplementation yet no one is considering WHY there is a deficiency in the first place!
  • Learn how to determine the right foods, in the right amounts for you, and kick your metabolism into gear!
  • It is an 8wk, 9 lesson program

What this program includes:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction and the GI System
  • Lesson 2: Immune System
  • Lesson 3: Hormonal System
  • Lesson 4: Detoxification System
  • Lesson 5: How to use/understand body temperature and pulse to heal your metabolism
  • Lesson 6: Understanding Carbohydrates
  • Lesson 7: Understanding Proteins
  • Lesson 8: Understanding Fats
  • Bonus Lesson 9:
    • How to use food as your supplement
    • Vitamins, minerals and salts
    • How to use light therapy and its benefits with healing
    • Nutrition and exercise
    • How to regulate sleep


Please click here to learn more about and sign up for The Metabolic Blueprint!