Commit to Fit | Week 8

Author | Commit to Fit 2012 Winner, Karl Mason

It’s only Wednesday, but this has been an interesting week already, a bit of a rollercoaster ride mentally for me…

Mike and Billy are running some boot camp and are away from the gym this week. Mike sent me my work out plans and advised what I need to be doing. I miss Mike (…and of coarse Billy too…). I miss his motivation and energy he brings to the workout, which in turn motivates me. At this point, I do not have the greatest confidence that I could go a longer period of time without Mike.

I need to ‘report” to someone, need to be pushed hard. I need the structure and accountability Mike adds to this whole process. I need a Mike-fix! I have been completing my workouts without him and on my own and doing well, but it feels a little empty, definitely less sweaty and less entertaining. I continue forward though, always forward. I have always appreciated Mike, but this week has made me truly value him. Don’t tell him that though – the gym is NO place for emotions – and I need him to be his badass-trainer-self to push me to my Program goals and beyond!

I had my second weigh-in with Sarah at Eating Free last night (Tuesday). I was dreading it a bit because of last’s week’s small indulgences while I was traveling (Please see Blog Week 7 for recap – DAMN that steak was delicious!) I thought that even though I owned my behavior and was honest in my food journals I may have gained weight. But I wanted to face the scale, know the damage. But before I weighed in, I confessed to Sarah that last week and this week are actually break-thru weeks for me mentally. I was engaged fully in my process of getting healthy like I have never been before. I recognized triggers and how to deal with them. I was living with moderation and was not afraid to take the 3 bites of mac and cheese (or of whatever) and knew I could stop with just tasting it instead of devouring the whole dish. I possess an exercise and a food strategy. I am truly Eating Free and Committing to Fitness with success! My last weigh-in was 04.13.12. I was 317.8. What would stepping on the scale bring this week? Tears I thought. I was right.

I stepped on the scale and teared up but didn’t full on cry. I was amazed. The scale read 310.8. I LOST 7 lbs since my last weighing for a total of minus 17.0lbs since March 5 where I started off at 327.8. – 17! I met my first goal of getting down to 315…and then some! I am so happy! I kept thinking wow to myself. After my meeting, I went to Safeway and put 17lbs worth of potatoes in a plastic bag (it took 2) and walked around the store carrying both bags. I wanted to remind myself what that extra weight felt like to carry and feel what a small relief it was to put the bags down and get rid of that weight. I will never put that weight on again. I vow that now! I recommend everyone do this exercise as it puts the process and whatever your goal is into a real time perspective. Want to lose 20 lbs? Carry it around Safeway for 20 minutes and think about how you are impacting yourself and your life. If this becomes a fad, I will take full credit for it! Advanced apologies to Safeway! I am hoping that this time next year I will need to be carrying around a small calf to remind myself of the weight I will be losing over the remaining upcoming year! LOL. Next goal weight – 299. I want to SMASH through that goal! Watch and see….The ride continues but this time I am sitting in the front car of the coaster, screaming my head off, terrified some and thoroughly enjoying the experience.