The following was written by Lisa Chan who recently placed in the top 20 of beautiful women in the Miss California USA contest. Lisa worked with trainers Shawn Toussaint and Nate Miyaki diligently to recieve the resaults she required to compete. We want to congratulate Lisa on a great job and her amazing focus and passion! Keep kicking ass Lisa!

To ShawnNate, and everyone at DIAKADI ... This is coming a bit late but I wanted to wait for official photos from Miss California USA this past January.I wanted to thank you and everyone at DIAKADI from the bottom of my heart for supporting me on my journey to Miss California USA 2012.

I placed in the Top 20 of 276 beautiful women and it was all because of the encouragement I had from gracious sponsors such as yourself.Everyone at DIAKADI was BEYOND welcoming, warm, and helpful every time I went in for a training session and I cannot have been more blessed with such a phenomenal support group with the advice and motivation that got me Miss California ready!I cannot say thank you enough.

Shawn, you worked with me through all my weaknesses and brought out the true strength inside me.

Nate, your nutritional advice gave me the energy and habits I needed to truly shine.

Though I am not able to continue training at the moment, I know I will be back! I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Please do keep in touch and may DIAKADI continue to flourish.

All my best, Lisa Chan