Trainer Name | Will Thomas Eleven years ago, no one could have imagined Will Thomas as a personal trainer. His pantry was filled with yellow cupcakes, potato chips and fruit punch. He hated exercising, and working out was never on the agenda. Overweight and feeling miserable, one day Will promised himself to spend the rest of his life giving his body the respect that it deserves. For the past ten years, he has changed his life and helped other people around him live healthier.


  1. Body Transformation using core and muscle strengthening.
  2. Weight loss and weight management
  3. Anti-Aging Specialist

“My entry in the EAS Body for Life Competition has not only given me a new body, but has given me the confidence that we are all capable of making changes in our lives and reaching our goals.”

Will now understands the challenges of making a lifestyle change because he has personal experience with overcoming his own weight problems. Will said his experience has also given him more faith in people's will to change. Will has been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2002 and continues to educate himself with new and innovative ways to train and motivate his clients.

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