Author |  DIAKADI Trainer and Holistic Life Coach Jator Pierre A bio-dynamic farmers crop is not growing as "planned". Harvest is coming. The farmer is full of many fears - money, food, family, lots of future thinking. The farmer thinks for an instant about using fertilizer to speed nature’s process, but that goes directly against all the farmer knows. The farmer knows that if he uses chemical fertilizer his crop may come as "planned" but his crop will not be bio-dynamic and his crop will not be as nutrient rich or as "happy".

The farmer decides to trust Great Spirit. This crop never comes to harvest. The farmer loses money etc...The farmer has "hard times", but the farmer learns much from this experience, and through this experience his family becomes much closer and stronger. They make it through the hard times and the next harvest is "unexpectedly" perfect AGAIN.

Apply this scenario to RELATIONSHIPS.

We are bio-dynamic farmers; we have ego "plans" that do not always turn out the way we expect. We think... but harvest is coming! Fears arise, anxiety settles in and we get lost in the future rather than being present in this moment. We may think of pressuring others to get what we want (chemical fertilizer) but on the conscious path we know that if we pressure others to meet our wants we may end up with very resentful relationships (nutrient empty, unhappy crops). We may not get what the "I" wants and this may be perceived as "hard times", but we will always get exactly what the "I" needs in terms of lessons and experience. We can then turn the "hard time" perceived by the "I" into periods of great personal evolution.

Every moment is perfect and full of LOVE "I" just "need" to change my perception.