Author | DIAKADI Client Dr. John VanCamp I’ve have been asked to talk about the “Smoking Tooth” video. Even though the video and research was done years ago, it is one of the most descriptive videos on YouTube about the dental amalgam filling that is commonly still used today and in the mouths of most adults in America. Do you have shiny, grey or black fillings in your mouth? Chances are they contain mercury. It’s simple in a few words, mercury is unsafe. We’ve known this for over a century. Heck, the FDA regulates it in foods we eat, the liquids we drink and the air we breathe, yet it remains a component as a standard filling material used in dentistry today. It makes no sense at all. Mercury is one of the most toxic metals and materials.

Mercury has some of the most adverse affects on the human body and has been related to everything from unhealthy gums and teeth to cancers, liver disease, immune diseases, allergies to digestive problems, chronic fatigue and mental illness such as Alzhiemer’s and bipolar disease. Do you really want mercury based fillings in your mouth? I asked a simple question to a colleague some years ago who felt the dental amalgam filling was safe. “Would you hold your hand out and let me place a gram of mercury (the size of a dime) into your hand? The dentist was appalled and thought me a lunatic. I then asked him if he would feed this to his then pregnant wife. “Just sprinkle a little on her food every day for the next 7 months?” He walked away.

We have yet to converse since our last visit and the last I heard he still places these types of fillings in his child and adult patients. Appalling! My point is this. The mouth is the portal to everything we do from talking and breathing, to eating food and drinking liquids. It’s where our digestion process starts with the breakdown of our food with the enzymes in our saliva. Yes, we swallow everything that comes in contact with our mouth. Gross huh? Then our intestines absorb the mercury and it travels into our blood stream. The fillings wear and emit gases every time we eatdrink and breathe.

Speaking of breathing, every time a breath is taken gas is emitted from the filling and the vapors are inhaled and swallowed. The mercury enters our blood stream. The body works overtime to get rid of this toxic metal. The liver works hard. The kidneys and intestines work overtime along with many other organs in the body to excrete the mercury metal. Our body is a great machine, however it reaches a point where it can’t keep up and the garbage (Mercury) gets left behind. The body stores the rest and the disease process begins. This process is unique to everyone. For most it takes many years for the damage to reach a point where it causes medical problems.

Final cosmetic long lasting porcelain filling

One of first signs of mercury accumulation in the body is fatigue and memory loss. Do you have these types of fillings? Are you fatigued or have any the above mentioned symptoms?You wouldn’t eat mercury contaminated sushi.You wouldn’t breathe poisoned gas. So why have mercury fillings?  It’s time to be pro active with your health. Live healthy. Smile often

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