Commit to Fit | Week 19-22

Author | Commit to Fit 2012 Winner, Karl Mason

I have been out of the gym for the past 3.5 weeks and haven’t been able to work out.  Being away from the gym was difficult. Each day that passed, I imagined myself gaining weight and ballooning back to my starting weight. I freaked out a bit mentally and didn’t know how it would be to return to the same level of physical activity when I was able to return. I played out many scenarios with each scarier in my mind than in reality. I am usually one to imagine the worst case scenario anyway so the more I dwelled on it, the more daunting it seemed. At one point I even thought about covering up the mirrors so I wouldn’t have to see myself to think about.

Out of sight, out of mind. Not really.  Some friends accuse me of being an extremist. I’m actually not. Perhaps a tad bit dramatic….but only a tad! I just think it smart to think about a situation from every angle. This past week I started back up working out.

While I am super sore and my muscles/body are screaming out in pain (Please Mike, stop being SOOO happy about this fact…), I have never been so excited to be back in the gym! Hard to believe I know. I never imagined myself feeling something like this!  While out of my normal gym routine, I honestly had some kind of mental switch flipped and I WANTED to exercise, to sweat and get that rush that comes after a solid workout where you leave it all on the gym floor. Not having that feeling for over 3 weeks really made appreciate how much better the gym makes me feel – both mentally and physically. The gym has quickly become the one safe haven I feel I can let all guards down and just do the work I need to but can enjoy the process at the same time. While I have noticed that I have lost some of the momentum just starting back up, I have NOT regressed any – which I take as a good sign. My body is quickly adjusting back and I anticipate to be at full capacity starting next week. Another important realization – I have really made the effort not to beat myself up for not being at 100% after such a long time off.  I’m back and going to be better than ever. It reminded of a conversation I have had with another trainer at DIAKADI. While chatting, he advised that his road to health has been a continuous journey and what helped him was finally giving into it (healthy living, working out, eating correctly) as a lifestyle. The past 3 weeks has been my first true awareness that I am starting to give in to the gym and nutrition more and more each day and making healthy living my lifestyle choice now and beyond.