Who shouldn't do this exercise?

People who currently experience low-back pain should avoid doing this stretch.  

Who needs this exercise? 

This exercise is great for desk workers, all athletes, (particularly golfers, tennis players and swimmers) and people who travel a lot or sit for prolonged periods.

For Best Results:

  • You can do this exercise standing or sitting.
  • Starting with Right arm at your side.
  • Keeping your arm relatively straight, lift it up to the sky in an exaggerated-waving motion.
  • Once your right arm is extended at your head, use your Left hand to give it an added push at your shoulder.
  • You can give your side a little bend for an added stretch.
  • Do this 10 times on each side.
  • You should be able to get further and further into the stretch with each repetition (don't over-do it!).
  • Don't forget to breathe.

Note: If you feel pain and/or numbness during the exercise, discontinue until checking with a professional.  

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