Would you believe that your level of emotional wellness has a significant influence on your overall health and life satisfaction? Many of us spend countless years having our intellect brilliantly educated through school and learning within our family growing up. Simultaneously our education on emotional wellness tends to be left neglected and handicapped at best. Having inner turmoil or numbness as a familiar inner experience along with repetitive frustrations in our lives are common symptoms of the emotional neglect on ourselves. Can you imagine what can happen to your level of genuine happiness and growth when you learn to support and nurture your own emotional wellness?

Location: DIAKADI

Time: 9am-5pm

Date: March 23rd and 24th

Fee: Early Bird Registration: $235 (if registered by March 11th) Regular Registration: $295


Achieving emotional wellness perhaps means we have to go beyond our logical mind and connect to our own heart.

In this class you will learn how to identify compromised parts of your emotional self, in the form of wounds or hidden pain, and how to re-balance them through the application of a variety of healing techniques. Further, this class explores how to take a proactive approach to nurturing and promoting your own emotional wellness in a sustainable way. You’ll also be invited to discover how parts of your mind learned to get their emotional needs met as a child and how to realize the consequences in your life today of continuing with those same methods.

Are you overly sensitive or overly numb to your emotions?

Compromised emotional wellness carries monumental significance as to why peace of mind, health, weight, and relationships fall out of balance in the present day. Powerful concepts and strategies will be offered on re-balancing emotional wounds and actively nurturing your emotional well-being.

What if there are just two types of people in this world, those who are emotionally wounded and those who are in denial of being emotionally wounded?

  • Do you carry hurtful experiences from your past?
  • Do you wonder how to enrich your inner and outer peace?
  • Do you know how to healthfully meet your own emotional needs?
  • How do emotional compromises effect other areas of your life?
  • Do you often simply feel stuck?

Come Join Us!

With the holistic concepts taught in this class you are invited to a place of deepening and enriching the relationship you have with yourself. There are both lecture and practical portions of this class, including time devoted to open discussion and questions to ensure a quality experience for you. This class is appropriate for both the lay-person and health practitioners.

Offerings of this program include:

  • Learn to heal both painful and hidden emotional compromises
  • Identify what your unique emotional needs are
  • Learn how to associate patterns of dysfunction in your life with their emotional cause
  • Discover how to nurture and functionally support your emotional well-being
  • Learn what healing means and how to invite it into your life
  • Experience strategies for strengthening and trusting your intuitive mind

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