By 2011 Commit to Fit winner Dave Mckew I can't believe it's been nearly 11 months since I "graduated" from the Commit To Fit program sponsored by DIAKADI and MV Nutrition in March of 2012. I will never forget that triumphant year that I earned 112.5 pounds of weight loss by learning to eating better and exercise. So many people in the DIAKADI community have been asking what I am up to now, I thought it might be nice to send you all an update.

I have successfully maintained my weight over the last year. Every time it goes up (holidays, vacations, total negligence), I know how to get it back down. I did not become a gym bunny like some people have been hoping, but I am substantially more active. Over the summer I did several walks across the entirety of San Francisco, including a ten mile walk from Daly City BART to Ghiradelli Square. It felt pretty amazing that I could pull that off. Over the summer I spent three weeks in Europe and did extensive walking in Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm that I would not have been able to handle 118 pounds ago. I make smarter choices every day, I no longer have trouble fitting in seats, squeezing between people, wearing seat belts, and buying clothing in regular stores instead of the big-n-tall store.



I turn 40 this spring, but I feel like I'm 24. Probably because the last time I was this size, I was about 24.  Despite losing 16 inches of waistline already, I still want to lose another 35 pounds or so. It wouldn't be fair to say I've *struggled* with this final 35, because I know in my heart that I've not been trying too hard to lose it.  As I have said time and time again over the last few months: "I stopped losing weight for the best reason; I am happy, and comfortable."  I am confident that I will lose this 35 pounds when the time is right, but kinda also don't really care if I don't. Because I look and feel great, and frankly that is enough for me at the moment.

I hope each and every one of you who stops to read this will take a moment to think if you know someone who would benefit from the Commit To Fit program. There is a year's worth of free fitness training and nutrition counseling up for grabs for a deserving Bay Area resident, so even if you don't know of an obese individual, you should forward the contest info to everyone you know so that they can forward it to the people they know. I am sure the 2013 winner will be as excited as I was to hear about the contest back in 2011 as I was when I heard about it from DIAKADI client Tim Irvin. Wouldn't it feel amazing if you helped the right person find his/her way to DIAKADI, MV Nutrition, and Commit To Fit?

Apply Now!


And if you know any obese individual who is struggling with whether or not they should apply for CTF 2013, and possibly making excuses (I used to be so good at making excuses), I urge you to have them read this blog entry I wrote last year. It lists 12 reasons why you can't (or won't) apply for CTF and why I think you can (and should) apply!

"Im Tired of Your Excuses"


Good luck to all the 2013 contestants... the best year of your life awaits!