The following was written by DIAKADI trainer and owner Billy Polson. Clients, friends, family and peers:

January is always a great time to step back and take a solid look at all aspects of your life. How are things going? In order to assist with this personal assessment, I created the following list of questions about your body and your life. I want you to think about your current successes as well as your current failures... ok, we can call them your current "challenges". What you would like to achieve in 2013 and then what you honestly have the time and ability to achieve in 2013?

Some of the questions are directly related to 2013 goals, while others can be extended into years to come.

There is no requirement at all for you to complete any or all of these, but I do recommend taking 2 minutes to at least read through the questions. Sometimes a simple read through will stimulate some new thoughts and directions.  If you would like to write out some answers, then focus on the sections or areas that will be the most helpful with moving you forward and improving your life. For all overachievers like myself, enjoy answering every question!

For the questions concerning life, adventure, hobbies, and exercise, often your goals and thoughts can serve as inspiration for others, so the 'sharing aspect' of this exercise is often a valuable part. If you have a business partner, best friend, husband/wife, family member that you would like to become closer with or sync your goals and journey with, I highly recommend using some or all of these questions as a sharing exercise between the 2 of you.

Enjoy and happy happy new year!

2013 Life Goals and Questions


1. What are your current successes ?

2. What are your current challenges or maybe even failures?

3. What challenges would you most like to make into successes?

4. If someone wanted to "push you over", where would be the easiest place to push?


1. What do you want from life this year?

2. If you could live in another city for a year where would it be?

3. If you could decide, what is the ideal age you would like to live to?

4. What is your mission or purpose in life?

5. What are the times when you feel most motivated,inspired charged up? How frequently does this happen? Is that often enough for you?

6. How much free time do you currently have available in your life in order to add in something new?


1. Are you currently happy with how your body feels and functions right now? What is working well and what is not working?

2. Are you happy with the physical appearance of your body right now? What do you like, not like?

3. When you look in the mirror, describe the person you see.

4. Are you currently enjoying your workouts and physical activities? What changes need to be made to enjoy them more?

5. What are your top 3 fitness and health goals for 2013?


1. If you could do any profession/job at all what would it be?

2. In an ideal world, how would you like your retirement to go (at what age, how much annual salary, where live, activities, etc)?

3. For retirement, do you want to stop working completely or start doing a different type of work (in a different field?  from home? Schedule of two months work followed by 1 month off? etc)?


1. Name the top 3 new countries you would like to visit outside of the US.

2. Name the top 3 new cities/states you would like to visit within the US.

3. Name any adventures you would like to participate in, such as scuba, safari, backpack Canada, snowboarding, a dude ranch, etc.

4. Annual Events: Are there certain trips or events that you would like to make an annual occurrence in your life (ie. I would like to spend at least one weekend a year meditating.) ?

5. If you had more free time and less/no money concerns, what would you start doing more of?


1. Are you currently happy with your sex life?

2. What changes would you like to make towards improving it for you?

3. What do you wish there was more of ?  Less of?


1. What do you have too much of in your life ?

2. What do you have too little of?

3. With media taking such a huge chunk out of many of our lives, would you ever consider a 'media fast' for 4+ weeks (TV, cell phone apps, video games, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Web Browsing other than for work, etc) so that you could have time for new activities in your life?

4. Is stress limiting your ability to sleep, exercise, perform at your peak, smile, enjoy the moment, connect with people? What is your biggest cause of stress? Thinking creatively and using all of your available resources, what are some changes that can be made to reduce this stress?


(I recommend looking back to your Successes/Challenges/Failures above. It is often easier to set goals only around increasing your successes without having to face your 'challenges'. Look at conquering the challenges.)

1. What 3 things would you like to have achieved one year from now?

2. ...3 years from now?

3. ...10 years from now?


Now that you have gone through and broken it all out, it is time for the tough part: Where the heck do you start?

Start by reading back through your responses above and come up with a master list of action items. Don't let this big list freak you out! We are going to go at it in a calculated way.

Now go through the list and give each action item a 1, 2, or 3 priority. Often the priority an item receives is based on a dependency (ie. If you listed that you want to buy a new house, but you need to save money for the down payment, buying a new house would be a 2 with the dependency of saving the down payment a 1).

Lastly, go through the level 1's and select the three most important items to focus on for 2013. Yep, only 3. If you complete these three items then you can proceed to more priority 1 items on your list.

For some additional thoughts on scheduling and prioritizing goals I recommend reviewing the video and blog below for some additional ideas:

4 Basic Steps on How to Successfully Set and Achieve Your New Year’s Goals in 2013