Have you ever wondered what VO2 Max means? Are you looking to get stronger, faster, lighter, leaner, but you just can't seem to get there? Are you familiar with your Aerobic Base (AB), Anaerobic Threshold (AT), Lacate Threshold (LT), and how to use each of them to most effectively reach your training goals? Come find out how, and so much more, as JDLT Personal Fitness' Head Trainer Jon De La Torre, (B.S. Kinesiology, NewLeaf Metabolic Specialist, ACSM CPT) offers a 60-minute workshop available to trainers, coaches, athletes, and anyone else interested in reaching their training goals!

Location: DIAKADI Date: February 12th 2013 Time: 1-2pm Cost: Free for DIAKADI Trainers | $20 for Community Trainers


The workshop will consist of full explanation and understanding of each assessment, a demo of an EMR/MAX VO2 Assessment, protocol and procedures for each, explanation and analysis of results, and how to apply them to an individual's training program, as well as how to use the NewLeaf online software and assessment data to train your own personal training clients and hold them accountable.

What the class entails:

  • MAX VO2/EMR Assessment Demo (15 Min)
  • RMR Assessment Explanation (10 Min)
  • Analysis/Explanation of assessment Results & How To Use Them Depending on Client's Training Goals (15 Min)
  • Explantion of eNewLeaf online software & How Trainers Can Use It To Train Their Clients/Hold Them Accountable (10 Min)
  • Open The Room For Questions (10 Min)