Commit to Fit | Week 3

Author | Commit to Fit 2013 Winner, Judith Zissman

It’s interesting to see how themes develop week to week in our lives. The word that keeps coming up for me this week is “precision” and I thought I’d write a bit about that and see if it resonates for anyone else.

In general, I like to think of myself as more of a “big idea” person than a “detail” person.  I’ve always been more interested in trying new things than perfecting the last three things I started. I like to cook by taste, adding a pinch of this and a dash of that rather than weighing and measuring. I tend to “eyeball” things when I hang pictures rather than looking for a yardstick. In general, this has worked pretty well for me — I’m a good cook, the pictures on my wall are relatively even, and things tend to work out.

In starting Commit to Fit, however, I realized that both my exercise and my nutrition could use some attention to detail. The work I’m doing with Billy is especially interesting in this regard — in each exercise, he offers very small corrections: lifting or lowering my head, moving my feet forward or backward, relaxing certain muscles while tightening others. Each subtle adjustment contributes to a more successful overall effort, and I see how paying attention to these details makes a real difference in the quality of the work.

On the nutrition front, I’m using the Eating Free system to track my food intake. It’s pretty straightforward — each time I eat, I enter the time, my mood and surroundings, and what quantities of which foods I’m eating. In doing so, I start to see patterns emerge, and can accommodate appropriately. I have noticed, for example, that I eat dinner much earlier now than I did before my son was born. It’s a combination of factors, including his sleep schedule, my more quiet social life (no late-night dinners at fancy restaurants these days) and that I’m getting up much earlier in the mornings. Since I do much of my client work after dinner, I’m finding I need an evening snack each night where I never did before. Using the Eating Free system shows me what I’ve eaten so far that day, and how I can choose an evening snack to balance my day’s protein/carb/fat intake in thoughtful ways rather than just reach for whatever’s nearby. That extra 10 seconds of reflecting back on the day before making the choice is another example of the small adjustments I’m making.

So? How is being slightly more precise about my exercise and nutrition working out so far? As of today, I’m down about four pounds, which is on track with my goals. I’m looking forward to seeing how this extra precision becomes more habitual, and less of an effort, but to be honest, it doesn’t feel like a LOT of effort right now, just an interesting set of small shifts. Stay tuned for the next blog entry, where I’ll report back on a family vacation and how I navigated our family’s favorite elaborate meal of the year, the Passover seder.