It is summer time here in SF, which means a lot of clients are looking to shape up their arms for tank tops and bathing suits. These 666 Arm Exercises, or Devil's Biceps/Triceps, are the best way to push your arms in both weight and volume, giving them maximum stimulation to both strengthen and grow. Use any bicep or tricep exercise you like. For biceps, I recommend dual dumbbell or cable bicep curls (seen in video). For triceps, dual dumbbell tricep skull crushers on a flat bench or standing rope skull crushers (seen in video) are great for working a full range of motion in the muscle fibers.

One set consists of performing 6 mini sets of 6 reps with 6 sec rest between each set. (36 total reps per set) I recommend doing 1-2 sets in your daily program.

Choose a weight where you are maxed out on the 6th rep of each 6 rep mini set. You can reduce the weight if needed as you progress through the 6 mini sets as each set.

Perform each rep with a 2-2 tempo (2 sec down, 2 sec up), making sure you feel the muscle work throughout the entire range of motion.

Make sure you are giving each muscle group 1-2 days of rest before exercising the muscle again, in order to allow for complete recovery before breaking the muscle down again.

Good luck and enjoy the sun!



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