A few weeks ago, a client of mine showed up to our session almost glowing with joy. I LOVE it when that happens and was curious to know the reason. Turns out, she had a PR (Personal Record) on her back squat.

The thing was though, it wasn't just a regular PR where she lifted a few more pounds than her prior personal best. She had blown her old record away - lifting 25lbs above her max! A weight, in fact, that she never ever even considered in her capacity.

And it happened totally by chance. She was partnered up with someone, sharing one bar and inadvertently lifted her partners set up weight.

Step back a minute and think. There is an important lesson in this story.

How much could each of us accomplish if we had no idea what the limits were?

The truth is, she didn't miraculously get stronger on the day of the lift.  She already had that strength in her. The difference was that she went for it thinking it was a weight that she had lifted before. Something she already knew she could do. She went for it, without any self-imposed limit.

The potential that each of us possesses is often restricted by our own self-imposed limits.

How often do you hear yourself say 'oh no, I can't do that.'?

Sure. There is stuff out there that's scary and yes, a lot that we cannot do.  But what about all the other times? The times when you ASSUME you cannot do something without even having tried it! It's like, we are so afraid of trying and failing, we'd rather not even try!

Hello people!You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Yes that's right. By not even trying, you are FAILING.

Actually, I take that back. It's worse than failing.

Optimized-How-to-overcome-procrastination (1)When you fail, you LEARN. How could you have done it better? Was there another strategy to employ? Someone to help you?  More preparation?

Without trying, you don't learn anything. Except to always be in the sidelines. And watch...


Are you one of the people on the sidelines? Here's my challenge to you:

Are you bored of your work? Perhaps it's time to take on an exciting new project. Are you tired of your running routine? May be it's time to sign up for that 5K. Going through the motions of life even though you know you're capable of more? Get working on the road to AWESOME!

Work outside your comfort zone. And challenge yourself. May be you'll be calling me up with a 25lbs PR!


Pooja is a firm believer in the power of the human spirit. If you want it badly enough, there is no dream that’s too big to achieve with the right ATTITUDE, COMMITMENT and HARD WORK. As a life coach, she gets to work with clients and discover what’s truly important in their lives. Pooja creates CUSTOMIZED plans designed to help you achieve your GOALS. She helps you find and live your AWESOME!